by Yasmina Reza
Translated by Christopher Hampton Two strangers travel from Paris to Frankfurt by train. One is a celebrated author, the other a great admirer of his. She is carrying his latest novel in her handbag…will she speak to him? 940C1625a In searching, internal monologues these two move from a journey by rail to a revealing adventure of the heart. “Reza’s artful play may persuade you that there is nothing of greater value in all the world than a brief encounter between strangers on a train.” The New Yorker Yasmina Reza is a French playwright, actress, novelist and screenwriter. She was born of Jewish Iranian parents of Russian descent. Her plays Art and God of Carnage have won many international awards, including (twice) the Tony for Best Play, the Olivier Award and the Moliere Award.

Cast and Staff:

The Man - Dan Friedman The Woman - Catherine Donavon Director - David Matthew Olson Technical - Director Jack Sherman Props Master - Richard Gonzales Costume Design - Cheryl Odom Assistants to the Director - Ilana Friedman, Jonathan Dixon


The Meeting House, Lannan Foundation 319 Read Street, Santa Fe
Friday, April 24 @ 7pm
Saturday, April 25 @ 7pm
Sunday, April 26 @ 2pm

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