by George Brant
This extraordinary one-woman piece – winner of the 2012 Smith Prize - introduces audiences to a fighter pilot who loves everything about her profession – the flight suit, the speed, the extreme danger, the respect … and over everything else “the blue,” the limitless skies through which she searches out an enemy over Iraq. 940C1334a We meet her in a base outside Las Vegas, Nevada where she pilots drones over an unnamed country – stuck in what she calls “the Chair Force” after becoming pregnant. George Brant is a Northwestern University graduate who earned an M.F.A. at the University of Texas at Austin. Like many of his other works, this play is at heart about moral responsibility and contradictory choices. The form is spare, profane yet surprisingly carried into a lyrical flight of words that pull us into the life of the free-falling pilot.

Cast and Staff:

The Pilot - Vanessa Rios y Valles Director - David Matthew Olson Technical Director - Jack Sherman Props / Costume - Richard Gonzales Assistant to the Director - Mona Malec  


The Meeting House, Lannan Foundation 319 Read Street, Santa Fe
Friday, May 22 @ 7pm
Saturday, May 23 @ 7pm
Sunday, May 24 @ 2pm

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