get involved/support

Please find ways to support the presence of THEATERWORK in New Mexico through donations, special endowments of productions and programs and purchasing blocks of tickets for student groups. You can involve yourself as well through volunteering in the areas of design, props making, costuming, mask-making, stage management, ushering and box office staffing. Another way to support the work is to encourage - invite - friends, co-workers, and neighbors to come and SEE THE WORK. Bring a group with you next time! The continuing professional - level work of this Company depends and you. THEATERWORK remains ready for action! That readiness comes from asking the essential questions: How does a theater work to embody the visions of its founders, its artists, its audience? How does it build up a living dialogue with its community? How does it build on a sense of place?
 How does it find ways to remain impassioned, insightful, inspiring? No small questions - these are the questions that light fires under other questions. THEATERWOK is the artistic home to many extraordinary theater artists. It has also worked with many hundreds of young people in its first years in New Mexico. Its goals remain the same: wonderful stories, excellent performances, beautiful productions, bold ideas. A big order for a small company? Yes. Why not?