A Place To Stand

A Place To Stand

documentary – Jimmy Santiago Baca

A Place To Stand - The Gala National Premiere of the Film

Friday, September 26 @ 7pm

The Gala National Premiere of A PLACE TO STAND with:

An outdoor performance by Wise Fool New Mexico bringing together masked figures, dancers, stilt walkers and a giant puppet –La Madre del Rio Grande. A performance by Bel Canto – a vocal ensemble from Santa Fe High School under the direction of Marilyn Barnes, presenting traditional New Mexican music, art songs and a new song composed for one of the poems of Jimmy Santiago Baca. A proclamation of September 26, 2014 as Jimmy Santiago Baca Day in Santa Fe by Mayor Javier M. Gonzales. There will be an exhibit of pencil drawings by New Mexico artist Eric Christo Martinez, entitled Dust/Rock/Blades/Bones, September 25 – 27, Pat Payne Room, James A. Little Theater. Eric Christo Martinez was born in Albuquerque in 1979. Growing up he was fascinated by the arts, but it wasn’t until his trip to prison – a ten year sentence – that he discovered his passion for the arts and “tonali” – a Nahuatl word meaning destiny or calling in life.




baca This documentary takes us to the heart of Jimmy Santiago Baca. He was born in Santa Fe. Raised by his grandmother and later sent to an orphanage, he was a runaway by age 13. It was after Baca was sentenced to five years in a maximum security prison that he learned to read and write. His many honors include the Pushcart Prize, the American Book Award, the International Hispanic Heritage Award and the prestigious International Award. The film was made to serve people in need and to inspire anyone with a desire to transform their lives. Jimmy's story and his poetry have already changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. The makers of A Place To Stand intend to carry the momentum of his work even further. The initial efforts will be to get the film in front of at-risk youth, incarcerated populations and their families, other people on the edge…but the producers are also seeking out educational and theatrical screenings and television broadcast. see the PDF for more info about this project and ways you can participate:        

Matinee screening: A Place To Stand

Saturday, September 27 @ 2pm - at James A. Little
Public conversation with J.S. Baca, Daniel Glick, Gabriel Baca and David Olson after the screening.

Sunlight & Shadow: From the Poetry of Jimmy Santiago Baca

Saturday, September 27 @ 7pm - at James A. Little

Part One:

Breaking Bread With the Darkness: The Lucia Poems

A performance which brings poems written by Jimmy Santiago Baca for his daughter Lucia to the stage. The poems burst from the heart of a father remembering the roads that brought him to the present - lifted by, charged up with the love of his child.
“ …I believe in you, in your power as you leap on the trampoline, I believe that your laughter is the truest form of democracy…”

Part Two:

Thank The River For Another Day!

A dramatic reading of texts pulled from the collected works of Jimmy Santiago Baca, performed by members of THEATERWORK's Permanent Company and Guest Artists.
“I place the downy breast feather I found at the river in the plant pot with the rest - a fledgling hawk's breast feather, its name-stone heart experiencing the joy of learning what wings are and the magic of water.”


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All events listed above at James A. Little Theater : [click here for directions]

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